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Port Klang is Malaysia's largest port. There are actually three distinct port areas in Port Klang - North Port, South Port and West Port. Tamadam's Tamadam 1 warehouse complex and Tamadam 2 warehouse complex are both located in Port Klang's North Port.

Of the three ports, North Port is the most relevant to imports and exports to/from Malaysia. Most of Malaysia's containerised imports and exports flow through North Port. South Port is a very old port mainly used for bulk cargo and barter trade. West Port, the newest of the three ports is growing rapidly. Hitherto, it specialised in transshipment activity but today is catching up with North Port in containerised cargo.

Port Klang used to be considered to be very far from Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur. It is located about 40 km from Kuala Lumpur with Petaling Jaya located in between KL and Port Klang. Port Klang used to be a town by itself linked to Kuala Lumpur by highway. The area between Petaling Jaya and Port Klang which used to be mostly plantations in the 1990's have been developed into housing estates. Today, the urban sprawl of Kuala Lumpur/Petaling Jaya extends all the way to Port Klang.

Port Klang is linked to Kuala Lumpur via three highways. The original trunk road was the Federal Highway. However, this route is congested until 8.00 pm every day. To the north of the Federal Highway, there is the New Klang Valley Expressway ("NKVE"). To the south of the Federal Highway, there is the KESAS Highway.

The smoothest and fastest route to Port Klang is the NKVE, exit at Bukit Rajah Toll and via the North Klang Straits Bypass Highway direct to Port Klang. This route is usually clear from Kuala Lumpur/Petaling Jaya to Port Klang at all times. This route is shown in photos below. This pictorial route map should be read in conjunction with our printable "Port Klang Map".

The first step is to get on to the NKVE. If coming from Kuala Lumpur/Petaling Jaya, enter via the Jalan Duta Toll Booth or the Damansara Toll

NKVE Damansara Toll

After the tollbooth, take the turning to the left going to "Klang/Subang".

Fork in the road after the NKVE Damansara Toll Plaza

Continue along the NKVE. You will pass Subang, Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam and Setia Alam areas.

Continue along the NKVE

You will arrive at the NKVE Bukit Raja Toll Plaza.

NKVE Bukit Raja Toll Plaza

After the toll plaza, take the turning to the right going towards "Klang/Bukit Raja".

There will be a fork in the road after the Bukit Raja Toll Plaza

Immediately after, the road will fork again. Take the turning on the left toward "Pelabuhan Klang" (which is Port Klang in Bahasa Malaysia).

Junction after the Bukit Raja Toll. Left leads to Pelabuhan Klang (Port Klang). Right leads to Bukit Raja Industrial Area

The next turning is a bit tricky and is the one that catches most first-time visitors out. Coming down from the "Bukit Raja Industrial Area" junction above, you will see a large green toll plaza in front of you. DO NOT go through the toll plaza. Follow the blue/grey (depends on the color settings of your monitor) lorry in the photo below and head instead for the slip road on the left leading to "Pelabuhan Klang".

The photo is bit blurry due to compression but the yellow sign says "Lebuhraya Baru Selat Klang Utara" (which translated is "New North Klang Straits Highway" but as this is quite a mouthfull, we will refer to it as the "New Shapadu Highway"). The green sign indicates that the New Shapadu Highway leads to Pelabuhan Klang Utara/Kapar (ie North Port, Port Klang/Kapar).

The sliproad on the left leads to the New North Klang Straits Highway or "New Shapadu Highway". The New Shapadu Highway goes directly to North Port, Port Klang. Follow the blue lorry in the above photo to go to Port Klang. The green tollbooth on the right is for the "Old Shapadu Highway".

The green tollbooth is for the Old Shapadu Highway which leads to Klang Town, Meru, Kapar and so on. It is frequently jammed which is the reason the New Shapadu Highway was built. The New Shapadu Highway is actually a bypass which rejoins the Old Shapadu Highway at Port Klang. If you want to save time, use the New Shapadu Highway, but be warned - the toll is RM2.10, which is why its always clear of traffic!

If you go throught the green tollbooth and get onto the Old Shapadu Highway, don't panic, you will still reach Port Klang, but perhaps 15 to 20 minutes later compared to if you had used the New Highway.

Continue along the New Shapadu Highway and you will shortly reach the tollbooth.

Tollbooth on the New Shapadu Highway (or New North Klang Straits Highway) where you will pay RM2.10!

After paying the toll, continue on the New Shapadu Highway until it merges with the Old Shapadu Highway. Continue over a flyover until you reach this junction with a flyover in front of you. Take the turning to the Left. If you turn right, you will enter North Port.

Toll booth

The Bandar Sultan Sulaiman four way junction. Take the Left Turn to proceed to Tamadam.

You will arrive at a traffic light at a four way junction. Proceed straight and cross the bridge.

Traffic light at a four way junction on the North Klang Straits Industrial Road

After crossing the bridge, after about 1 km, you will see Tamadam 1 on your left.

Tamadam Arrive

Look out for Tamadam 1 on your left after crossing the bridge.

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