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Port Klang Ports

The largest port in Malaysia is Port Klang, located in the state of Selangor. Port Klang is the busiest port in Malaysia because it is the port serving Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, and the Klang Valley, the largest conurbation in the country. The Klang Valley surrounds Kuala Lumpur and includes areas such as Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam, Subang Jaya, Ampang and more, which can be considered suburbs of KL.

Port Klang was founded in 1893. is actually comprised of three separate ports - South Port, North Port and West Port. It is administered by the Klang Port Authority.

South Port is the oldest port and was previously administed by the Malayan Railway Administration. The reason it was administered by the MRA is that the railway line from Kuala Lumpur literally terminated at the South Port. Today, South Port is more quiet than the other two ports. Some bulk cargo, ferries and small boats depart from South Port but activity has shifted, to a large extent, elsewhere.

North Port can be considered the largest port in Port Klang. It is managed by Northport Corporation Berhad and is the largest container port serving Malaysia. Most of Malaysia's imports and exports are handled through Northport. North Port is located about 40 km from Kuala Lumpur and costs incurred by importers and exporters are usually lower than that of West Port. For more information on Northport's capacity, you can refer to this page.

West Port is managed by Westports Malaysia Sdn Bhd. You can visit their website here. West Port is located a considerable distance from even North Port - it's another 40 km from South Port to West Port. From the above image (obtained from Google Earth) you can observe that West Port isn't that far from North Port as the crow flies. However, West Port is located on an island - Pulau Indah (or "Beautiful Island") and there is only one bridge linking the island to the "mainland". The island is actually pretty huge but the fact remains that, whether approaching from Kuala Lumpur or North Port, one has to drive to the bridge (clearly visible in the above image) past Tamadam 1 and 2 and then proceed to West Port.

From the bridge to West Port there are two lanes on each side of the highway with prime movers hauling forty-foot containers inevitably rushing to and from the port. The road is not dangerous to cars but we don't encourage our staff to take motor-cycles from our North Port complex to West Port.

West Port grew on the basis of being expert in handling transshipment cargo. Today however, there are many specialised industries using West Port and the port has also grown as an entry point into Malaysia.

West Port is growing fast and winning a lot of awards. The area around West Port is also growing as a logistics hub with specialised industries and logistics centers being built.

The ports of Port Klang are some of the busiest in South-East Asia. These ports have been and will continue to be the main trade gateway for Malaysia. Tamadam's Port Klang logistics centers are located five minutes from North Port and are linked directly by highway to West Port. Therefore, whether your cargo is being shipped via North Port or West Port you can be confident that Tamadam will be able to handle your requirements efficiently and accurately.